Mr Alex & Mrs Jennie Seet, Founders of GCC

Tadika GCC was established by my wife and I, Alex and Jennie Seet in the year 1999. Before GCC, Jennie was working in a bank for more than 10 years, while myself an assistant to a Dato’. In 1999, on a fine day, Jennie had a dream about the generations to come where people were blinded by the pursuit of money and children were abandoned and neglected. This dream deeply moved our hearts that we felt the need and the call to give up our well established jobs to pursue children. Therefore, GCC was born.

In our more than 23 years of operation, we have grown into 4 preschool branches, 2 Chinese medium preschools, a tutorial centre for primary school and a specialized toddler centre & daycare revolving around Setapak and Gombak area hence forming what we are now known as GCC Group of Schools. We are very confident in providing the best educational environment and guidance to toddlers and pre-schoolers. You will be amazed at the quality and standard of education provided packaged in a value for money affordable fee! We encourage parents to make a visit to our schools live because some will only believe after seeing!

All of us at GCC have been tireless in our efforts to bring about the best in every child entrusted to us. We adopt the renowned FunGates programme - an innovative programme that incorporates guidelines from the Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan (KSPK). All our teachers are trained in the FunGates Education Training every year to be refreshed and updated with the programme. On top of that, we, as Founders of GCC schools conduct our very own in-house training sessions weekly and annually to ensure our vision and mission of the school carries on. When one organization has one goal and one direction, everyone can be focused in alignment of the vision - why we do what we do. We need teachers to be more effective and fun in delivery of lessons. As our generations evolve, we must also teach our teachers to evolve. That way, we can easily be connected to children of the millennium with fewer barriers. We need to step out of the box because what works 20 years ago, might not work for this rising generation.

In GCC, our appointed Quality Controller regulates the effectiveness of teaching and learning of the children in our schools. We often send in our specialist to different schools at any time of the week to audit our students randomly accordingly for every age group. These assists in ensuring the consistencies are at par because quality will always be our trademark!.

All our schools also enjoy a wide range of imported apparatus and teaching aids exclusively from FunGates. Our “Open Classroom” concept has proven that children learn better in an open environment. Fret not about the noise level as we continue to educate our children to be considerate and gentle in talking, need not to raise their voice in class because everyone is learning within the same environment. Positive reinforcement through praise, encouragement, recognition and rewards for every child is employed throughout the day, thus building a child-friendly and pressure-free environment to facilitate fun learning which is our top priority. GCC gives every child a strong foundation to take on any challenges in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Math, Science and even Domestic Science.

Besides that, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) has been an important part of GCC. We strongly believe in giving back to the community and we would like to imprint the habit of giving within our children. Monthly, every staff in GCC will be involved in Love on Wheels. Love on Wheels is a feeding the poor programme that benefits the hungry in Jinjang. Not only that, in collaboration with our parents, we implemented a Junior CSR programme for our children in sponsoring the poor and less fortunate children in places such as Manila, Kenya and India. One can only do so much, but together, we can do more. Most recently, Jennie and I have volunteered in a national training conducted in Philippines focused on children’s ministry organized by the remarkable Metro World Child ministry founded in New York. Shortly after, we had also conducted a National children ministry and leadership training in Malaysia.

Last but not to say the least, Character Building is also one of our school’s pride. Character Building was introduced to bring strong emphasis in building integrity and life values as part of the character development of a child thereby producing children who perform better academically, socially and spiritually. As we are trustful that a wholesome family brings light into a child’s development, Jennie and I have also incorporated parent counseling and seminars monthly as our goodwill towards our parents.

We believe the best way to bring up a positive child in a negative world
is to put the child in a positive environment of love and
encouragement in their early years of schools!
  Alex and Jennie Seet  
What's Up?

About Our Schools' Education Program - FunGates

The Founder of FunGates - Ms. Clarine Chun

Our schools are fun-filled places, equipped with exclusive FunGates and imported apparatus.

All our schools receive coordinated instruction in planning and running its syllabus and it is compulsory for all our teachers to undergo a regular power-packed training under Ms Clarine Chun, the Founder of FunGates.

Our schools are well supported by a cohesive and robust programme operated by very passionate principals and loving and caring teachers. It is with this winning combination that makes our schools so distinguishly sought-after.